VCloud9 ERP FRS Scope And Approach Jan2017

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VCloud9's Approach and methodology we follow for successful implementation of ERP and CRM systems

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1. VCloud9, llc Keyport, NJ 1 - 844 - 9VCLOUD Fast Track Enterprise Business Solution Functional Specifi cation and Implementation Planning Our Fast Track Program is designed to help a company get through the functional needs analysis, benefits analysis, specification writing, and implementation planning phases quickly and efficiently. The program uses the VCloud9 Business First ™ methodology that looks are your business as a whole, ensures unique nature of your operations are considered, and foc uses on business benefits that will help your company reach its goals. Key Deliverables 1. Functional Requirements Specification document by business area / department. 2. System Design Specification document. technical requirements including data conversion s, interfaces, and technology standards the new system must comply with 3. System Implementation Impact Assessment; details the areas of the organization that will be impacted by the new system, staff; work practices, and any impact on suppliers, service pro viders, upstream supply chain partners, and customers. 4. Development of a specific implementation plan that includes Package implementation, training, system testing and qualification, conversion of legacy data Three Phase Approach Phase 1 – Discovering your business goals, needs and operating processes 1) Conduct business goals and strategy interviews with management team 2) Conduct business process discovery workshops with functional areas 3) Conduct technology review workshops Phase 2 – Specification Development 1) Draft Specification Development 2) Spec review an d socialization 3) Spec finalization 4) In house skill set evaluation Phase 3 Implementation Planning 1) Operating / business process training planning 2) Legacy / historical data review and conversion planning 3) Supply chain partner impact assessment 4) Customer impact assessment 5) Review Day – to - day operations and roll out impact 6) Overall impact assessment gap analysis and remediation planning 7) Benefits Analysis Report 8) Develop overall implementation timeline. Typical Timeline


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