VCloud9 Capbilities Brief Jan2017

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This brief was part of the Odoo Roadshow 2017 package. This is a brief synopsis on VCloud9's capabilities

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1. VCloud9, LLC 117 Route 35, Suite 15 Keyport, NJ 07735 (844) - 9 VCLOUD All too often business leaders see IT as suffering from the “Terrible Toos”  It Takes Too Long to implement  It Costs Too Much  It Too Hard to Use VCloud9 was founded by business people driven to make business more competitive by lowering cos ts, making technology more accessible , and ensuring it is used strategically to render business value. The firm focuses on the practical application of technology and process to improve business pe rformance and enable growth. Many firms say that they are business first but what does VCloud9 do differently to ensure our clients get real value? The founders of VCloud9 are a former Fortune 500 operating executive and a former Fortune 500 technology leader. Combined they bring over 60 years of experience in the practical application of technology along with business process optimization, quality, and the disciplines of lean and six sigma. We’ve had to deliver true business value and strategic advan tage to Board and C Level executives throughout our careers. That drive and passion is part of the DNA of VCloud9 . Specifically what do we do? VCloud9 focuses on delivering and maintaining enterprise solutions and infrastructure for emerging and growing firms in the Northeaster n USA. We specialize in:  Total SDLC programs for clients considering using enterprise solutions to improve controls and enable growth and compliance. These programs include: o Full As - Is / To - Be documentation and planning of enter prise architectures, supporting business processes, and application requirements. o Package selection, implementation planning & delivery o Training, testing and commissioning  Technical and a pplication & infrastructure implementation, support and maintenance  Virtualization and cloud migration  Strategic advisory services / virtual CIO for emerging and mid - sized firms We offer a free initial consult so you can explore how we might help your firm overcome the “Terrible Too’s and use technology to improve efficiencies, lower costs and grow your business. Give us a call – it’s free! Ray Collazo Pete Blok Founder Founder 201 - 993 - 2901 (mobile) 609 - 937 - 8433 (mobile)


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