Quickbooks Integrations just Don't work

If you are like most companies, you started off using Quickbooks. Quickbooks has an amazing market share in small business and start ups. The primary reason, is price and relative ease of use. Let's face it when you started your company, you didn't exactly have a budget or the time and effort for a full blown CRM/ERP system. As time goes on and your business grows, so do your needs. You may add a CRM system to track customer relationships and maybe you even want to do some regular email marketing, so you may want to subscribe to an email marketing system.

Before you know it, you have several systems and you may be doing double entry by manually keying in contacts and other info into several different places by hand. Besides the potential human errors and inconsistencies across these platforms, you will soon find yourself spending more time working on your technology systems than on your actual business. If you are smart, you know that staying focused on your business is extremely vital to your success so you may go one of a few routes. The first is that you may feel all of these extra technology tasks warrant the hiring of new staff to handle these while you get back to business. The second is that you may start to look at ways to integrate your plethora of solutions into Quickbooks to eliminate the double and triple entry.

All of these solutions create more problems and they cost real money. If you have hired staff before, you know that you have to invest a lot of time in training them and then hope that they stay with you long enough to make that investment worthwhile. With Quickbooks integrations, I will say from actual experience, that they simply DO NOT WORK. Sure they will copy contact info and other things from one system to the next, but they all have limitations especially when it comes to changes in one system or another. Eventually you will find yourself spending time and money keeping these integrations updated as each system evolves at their own pace etc.

This is usually the point where our customers have come to us. The real solution is usually to find a business platform that does not require integrations and the system is modular and capable of handling your businesses unique processes and workflows. A properly implemented ERP system can do the work of several people and a good ERP system has all the modules you need to encompass all of your company's growing needs. The systems require a reasonable investment and ultimately they not only pay for themselves, but they enable your company to scale to new heights as a lean and mean team. You will find yourself doing much more, with far less.


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If your company is in the position where you have outgrown Quickbooks or a similar system, CONGRATULATIONS. When you are ready to explore your options for your next generation business system, give us a call.